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Tringdad brings you the largest live online educational services platform for the CAIE. Now learn when you want, how you want and what you want. Pretty Amazing! Huh?

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Tringdad is perhaps the biggest innovation in the entire education industry. We have re-invented the way of learning. So just tring...with tringdad.com.

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Get your required services from thousands of instructors online via Tringdad.com

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Now reach thousands of instructors via Tringdad

Stay up to date on every stage of your order

Easily chat with your instructor

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Tringdad offers various payment methods

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Tringdad protects you and your payments

Revolutionizing the way of learning.

Tringdad has created a live online educational services platform where you can buy your required services online. Tringdad protects your payment and you can always have a refund. You now have thousands of services to select from while having mental peace and sense of security. Don't delay and go ahead and find the right service/course fitting your needs. We are always on your back!

How can I join Tringdad and start learning?
First you have to register. This process takes no more than 2 minutes. After completing with the registration process, you will be able to buy courses. The course purchase process is pretty simple and convenient.
Can I start buying courses instantly?
Yes, you can start getting your desired services right now.
How this platform actually works?
Instructors from all over the World offer their services here on tringdad. There will be thousands of services in different categories to choose from. You then purchase the course you like and the order proceeds. Instructor will be notified about the order and he will then get in touch with you. If the order requires an online session then you both will setup a time for your online session. Once the online session is completed successfully and in case you just ordered for one hour then you can complete the order. Once the order is completed you can rate for the service. That's it! You're all done. In case of any problem with the order, there is nothing to worry about. Tringdad is always on your back. We are always up for refunds and will make sure to offer you better service next time.
If it is free then how are you able to operate?
You as a student has to only pay for the selected service. Tringdad never charges you for anything extra and there are no hidden charges. Tringdad is free for you and will always remain free. We take a small percentage of every transaction from the instructors end. This is how tringdad operates.
I have got more questions. Where should I go?
We have got a detailed help area and a FAQ section for your assistance. Moreover, you can contact us via 24/7 live chat or phone servic. Also you can reach us via contact form or even you can drop us an email at [email protected] Our super caring support team will help you happily.

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It was our vision to develop a platform for the education industry that can change the current learning dimensions worldwide. Quite successfully we have brought the biggest innovation in the entire education industry. Thus enabling millions of students to learn with the highest level of convenience and within their budget. How they want, what they want, when they want and for how much they want. This platform will be operated for CAIE. TRINGDAD

Solution To Everything

Imagine, you are living in Russia and willing to appear for your French exam or just think of getting a tutor for a subject that candidates takes rarely. Imagination alone is enough to understand the problems that actually exists for thousands of students. Many of us come across such difficulties and end up dropping our plan or wasting a lot of time and money. Though, the results are ridiculous. Tringdad not just puts an end to all these barriers and unwanted situations but it offers a complete solution for everything related to the CAIE. You get the right service, within budget, the way you want and just about whenever you want.

Best Service

Your Budget

Your Time

Your Security

Maximum Services

With thousand of services offered by instructors all over the World. Tringdad makes sure that your requirements are fulfilled. Various types of service categories are listed below and which is expected to satisfy most of the students. For the remaining learners or anybody else willing to get a service according their specific requirements. They can create a request from within their tringdad account and they will get responded shortly from different instructors who are willing to fulfill their special set of needs.

  • Hourly Based Tuition
  • Weekly Based Tuition
  • Monthly Based Tuition
  • Homework Help
  • Exam Practice
  • Exam Materials
  • Syllabus Guidance
  • Career Advice
  • Cosultation Services
  • Special Assistance

Peace Of Mind

Whether you are a parent or a student, tringdad guarantees you maximum convenience. Whether it is related to a service, payment or ease of use, we make sure you get no hassle by any means. Tringdad performs regular checks and maintain high quality of service throughout. We even make sure, you and your payment are always secure. We never release payment to the instructors until you are satisfied. Your payment is always on hold with Tringdad until your final approval.

Payment Security

100% Refund Option

Guaranteed Care

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Search from thousands of services offered online at Tringdad and select the best service meeting all of your requirments.


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Click on the Order button and proceed with the service. Instructor will get in touch with you and discuss about your feasible time.


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Once you are all set, go live with just a click. All this will happen within the time frame specified in the course. You're all done!

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